1. Hassle Free

The Cattle Shop uses an enormous network of buyers and sellers to advertise your cattle. The Cattle Shop Representatives work hard for you during any necessary negotiations.

2. Worry Free

The Cattle Shop requires wire transfer for all cattle transactions. This ensures the safety and security of every transaction, and also makes sure there are no bad or fake checks used.

3. No Charge To List Cattle

You only pay a small commission if your cattle are sold! So it is RISK-FREE to try selling your cattle on The Cattle Shop.

4. Never Leave Unhappy

Only load your cattle when you know they are sold. When you take your cattle to a sale barn you have to take what you get. If your cattle do not bring enough, you must load them up and take them back home or leave unhappy with the price you received.

5. Do Not Unnecessarily Haul Your Cattle

By using The Cattle Shop, your cattle can stay right where they are until they are guaranteed sold for the price you want!

6. We Know Cattle

Each Cattle Shop Representative has vast knowledge of the livestock industry and will rise above and beyond to serve you.

7. Free Consultation

We truly want to help. The Cattle Shop offers free consultation to any future buyer or seller. If you are unsure about what you need to do or what price to list your cattle, give us a call and we will be happy to help you.

8. Our Advertising Is Your Advertising

The Cattle Shop advertises in major publications and on high-traffic websites making certain your cattle will have many views.

About Us 

The Cattle Shop LLC. was created to help buyers and sellers connect online. Our hope is to create an online community where our users can securely buy and sell cattle with no hassle as well as discuss their thoughts on the ever-changing market and new products. We try to make this process simple with an easy-to-use website and a dedicated team of Cattle Shop Representatives that help you along the way. 

The Cattle Shop LLC. is the simplest way to market your cattle of find cattle from the convenience of your own home. We hope you enjoy your visit.